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  • VIRTUAL MEMORIALS Post your memorial here...with pictures!
  • THE GOODBYE PAGE -- Post a Goodbye Message
  • SRETTEL LETTERS - A touching memorial by Juiliette Anderson who lost her son Neville in 1998
  • JASON'S PAGE - A father's loss of his infant son.
  • TEARS FOR BILLY  - A bereaved mother's journey of faith. Beautiful!
  • LUCAS SCOTT LIVINGSTON MEMORIAL FUND - A memorial fund for Scott by his dad - Gordon Livingston
  • THE FALLEN WALL - A memorial to victims of homicide.
  • TRIBUTE TO OUR LOST LOVES - Brad Parameter's tribute to wife Andrea....and FREE!! scans for your personal memorial on his site!
  • THE MEMORIAL WALL - A Memorial Wall in Cypress, CA for victims of drunk drivers.
  • DESTINY - Lisa Barney pays tribute to her daughter Destiny.
  • "TOGETHER WE CAN HEAL" - Steve Barta & "The Pikes Peak Hospice" at Source Music just released this new recording that addresses the difficult issues surrounding the loss of a loved one. Be sure to check it out!
  • HANNAH'S PRAYER - A special page for couples facing infertility or early child loss.
  • A TRIBUTE TO CASEY - The Russell family tribute to Casey, who was hit by a train at 10 years old.
  • BARNEY - (N o purple dinosaurs here!) Lisa & Chad Barney pay tribute to their infant daughter, Destiny.
  • SHAWN - Dale Monahan's memorial poem for her son Shawn.
  • ALEXEY - Nicola Berardi's memorial tribute to his son.
  • HEAVENLY PLAYGROUND - Where children are forever playing. Be sure to visit this site where our children live on in our hearts and where you can post your own special memorial.
  • MEMORIES - A memorial for those killed by drunk drivers.
  • Ken Hensel - Phillis Hensel Smith's memorial to her son Ken.
  • ERIC'S MEMORIAL - Nina Baker's beautiful memorial for her son Eric.
  • JOSIAH'S PAGE - A mother's tribute to her 6 month old boy.
  • THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE - Tribute to Kevin Reveal - a firefighter killed in the line of duty.
  • WILLIAM BENJAMIN JENKINS - A father's beautiful tribute to his 17 year old son who was murdered.
  • KIMBERLY MOORE'S MEMORIAL - Kim's brother has designed a beautiful memorial for his sister.
  • LOIETA McDONALD'S MEMORIAL - A touching memorial by Loieta's husband Stephen.



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